People, design and practical action

lauren currieSince I’m hosting a workshop at Be Good Be Social looking at how we’ve embraced social media at MyPolice, I thought I’d give an insight in to the organisation I founded with Sarah Drummond last year.

MyPolice does three things: firstly, it is a neutral space where people can find out more about who their police are, and what they do. Secondly, it allows people to send feedback about their experiences with the police, which we ensure gets delivered to the right force. Finally, MyPolice collects empathic data based on real customer experience and feeds it back to the police, which creates a deeper understanding of what the public needs, bringing the police and the public together.

We stand for grassroots innovation, we are service designers who believe that design can make social change happen. We want to give people in local communities a chance to be heard.

MyPolice is part of a social innovation outfit called Snook. We live in Scotland. We make social change happen through people, design and practical action. We believe that each of us has something valuable to say, share and give, we expand your capabilities to make the unimaginable possible. we want to make a difference. and we hope you are as curious as us about what Be Good Be Social could become…

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