should charities really be using social media?

rosie mcintoshIn every social media workshop I’ve ever attended, there’s been a familiar raft of voices, claiming that, while social media sounds like a fine idea, it’s really not suitable for us.

I’ve heard charities say it could only work for businesses, small organisations argue it’s better for larger ones, informal groups claim it’s for those which are more well-structured. And for every it’s-fine-for-them-but-wouldn’t-work-for-us I’ve heard the exact opposite argument from the other side.

I really don’t believe there’s an organisation out there that couldn’t benefit. But instead of “doing social media”, let’s look at what our aims are and try to use social media to achieve them.

Oxfam was set up by a group of activists who were outraged by injustice. We’re told that times have changed: people live busy lives, attendance at meetings has declined and it would be easy to believe we’re plagued by apathy. But going online reveals a different picture. There’s a whole world of people who are outraged, engaged and optimistic. We just have to reach out and connect with them.

That’s always been our aim- and if social media can go some way to helping us achieve it- it seems foolish not to try.

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