Helping your staff to be good and be social

Marc Bowker, Quarriers Communications Officer, will join us at Be Good Be Social April 2011 for a discussion on engaging your internal audience, giving them a voice with social media.

Quarriers is a large Scottish charity and is possibly one of the most diverse organisations around in terms of the different types of support we offer people. For over two years I’ve been blogging, tweeting and sharing on Facebook news from across the organisation, but it’s not been without it’s hiccups. Firstly, trying to get people to embrace social media internally and use it for themselves has been incredibly difficult for all sorts of reasons. And secondly, trying to source news that happens on a daily basis from across Quarriers has been nigh impossible, you really do have to have your ear to the ground! What I’ve learnt during this time is that our staff don’t see their jobs as being anything special and therefore what they take for granted isn’t an obvious piece of news that would be of interest to the public. But trust me, the jobs our staff do is special, amazing in fact. It’s a side to the organisation that the public don’t really get to hear about too often.

Quarriers currently employs around 2,000 members of staff. The majority of these are based in the west of Scotland while the rest are spread across Aberdeenshire, Dumfries and Galloway, Tyneside and even a cluster in the south west of England. Going back to the diversity, the types of services they work in ranges from adults and children with physical and/or learning disabilities, people with epilepsy, young homeless people and families facing poverty. A wealth of interesting information to tap into don’t you think?

Right now, these 2,000 people are just staff, but it’s time to release their potential as being advocates for Quarriers. All 2,000 of them! Imagine how powerful that could be if they all shared something about their daily experiences.

That may sound like a very simple idea. But how on earth do we actually get 2,000 people to start talking about us? I don’t have all the answers but there are a few things about to happen to get the ball rolling. Come along to Be Good Be Social and let’s talk about it.

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