From clicktivism to activism

robert mcallenI’m really looking forward to attending Be Good Be Social in my dual roles:

– I’m the Product manager for Blackbaud in our European markets and as a sponsor we’re really excited to get involved. We believe we can help in this space but equally that we’ve a lot to learn and this is a great place to start.

– As the Chair of the Cumbernauld House Trust, which is a brand new charity, which has been born out of a Facebook campaign around saving a historic house and restoring credibility to a much maligned community.

My workshop will be looking at starting out on Facebook and how to get going in the medium. We’ve found it interesting both from our early days of trying to raise awareness and now we’ve morphed into a campaigning trust which is striving to get the chance to return a major historical building back to the public.

The town itself has an image problem and today people see only the bad pieces. This building and the community around it is proving on Facebook that Slacktivism can move to Activism. I’ll talk about how we’ve promoted the page and how our calls to action have been successful in motivating a community which for years has accepted it’s problem because ‘someone else’ would be able to resolve them.

I’ll talk about taking on developers and local government with a zero budget and a couple of volunteers and raising the profile to a national level. It’s been an interesting ride so far and hopefully we’ll see it through to the end. Looking forward to chatting for a second time to all the great folks who organise and attend Be Good Be Social which is a fantastic idea which has morphed to being far more than just another industry conference.

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