Looking to the future

martin and storm trooperIt feels like yesterday that I sat down with Ross to discuss speaking at the very first Be Good Be Social, now as we approach (only) the second event it truly feels like it has been a mainstay of the calendar for a long time. I reckon that has much to do with the people involved. All the individuals involved do good things every single day, but it helps that we have such a talented bunch of good people moving forward together. I truly believe that if you attended the first event, you’ll look back and be able to tell people “I was there, I witnessed it at the very beginning.”

Be Good Be Social provides a massively beneficial springboard to the Scottish third sector. It allows all of us to come together and share different levels of experience. I truly loved the fact that all the speakers in October SHARED, they did not preach, they did not say “do it this way, it is the only way.” They talked about how things worked for them (and sometimes how they didn’t) and challenged everybody else to find their own way in social media.

There is no cookie cutter formula for social media, anybody who tells you otherwise is talking crap in epic proportions. What there is though, is value to be had from interacting with people and learning from their successes or failures. For me, social media success comes when you put people at the heart of all you do…Be Good Be Social does this in buckets.

Be Good Be Social is of immense significance to me. I have made friends for life through it. It has allowed me to enter discussions (on an equal footing) with people I should not even be allowed to lace the boots of. Frankly, I just cannot wait for 7th April. Can you?

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