getting all QReative at #begoodbesocial

alex robertsonThis will be my first #BeGoodBeSocial and I must say I’m pretty excited. Not least because I get to be involved! I am a relative newcomer to the third sector with a business background and it’s been fantastic to see the social media and marketing teams that work in the third sector delivering huge results often with only a tiny budget.

As a sector we have a huge need for engagement and a real relationship with our customers. We’re not in it for the quick sale. We need our supporters to remain engaged and be part of our future. When there is need there is innovation. We need to be ahead of the game.

The speakers are sure to inspire and get the hive mind (Live tweeting and live streaming) buzzing with loads of great ideas but alongside this Ross wanted to get people thinking about the “next big thing in digital marketing”. What might this be? Well some people are suggesting it’s QR codes.

Read on a camera or smart phone, a QR (Quick response) code is a matrix barcode designed to hold more information than those you get on your groceries. This ability to pack in information makes it very interesting to marketers. It can simply take you to a URL, or a Vcard. Maybe direct you to a 4Square check in page, or they can even compose an auto-draft of a e-mail/tweet. The speed and simplicity of the QR code could make it easy to get people to sign up to your newsletter or take them to a donations page. Why hand out a bulky leaflet or brochure when you could use the code to send people direct to a dedicated webpage which they can read on their phone later.

What’s the market? Well there are now over 1 billion smart phones on the planet. So I think that’s a decent part of the market.

Some of the #BeGoodBeSocial sounding board have had a think about how these could be used . Look around when you get to the event and have a look at the different ways we’ve tried to use QR codes. Why not let us know what your ideas are on Facebook or on twitter.

If you don’t have a reader for your smart phone they are really easy to download from the app store or the app market place on android.

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