Be Good Be Social Works! (Toronto)

With less than one month until the kick-off, the excitement is definitely building up as we move forward in preparation for the launch of Be Good Be Social Toronto. Planning and executing one of the most innovative peer-driven non-profit/social media conferences in the city is a major challenge.

For weeks, our team has been working tirelessly to secure some of the most amazing speakers in social media to make sure BGBST will be a one of a kind learning experience. Staying true to the visions of Be Good Be Social, we want to create an environment where non-profit peers can share their experiences on what works and what doesn’t. We want to encourage non-profit organizations and individuals to embrace social media for the greater good, and we believe BGBST can be that awesome platform.

“To win the future, we must dream big and build big!”

But when you dream big, reality has a habit of coming along for a nice little chat. From the initial planning, free admission for attendees working in a charity or NPO was a defining aspect of BGBST. We were deeply concerned about our finances: Who will be willing to invest in a brand new conference that has never been tested? Where will we find that awesome sponsor who believes in our vision and dreams? What if we run out of resources and have to cancel? These questions casted a dark cloud over our heads as we pushed forward.

All of these questions were quickly answered when following an SOS Tweet from @BeGoodToronto, we received a tweet from Leah Eustace of Good Works, proof indeed that Twitter works.  A leader in the non-profit sector, Good Works connects charities and NPOs with donors through deeply human stories and touching deep emotional chords in the donors to go beyond rational and into the emotional. In the same way, BGBST is facilitating a similar concept of storytelling involving real people in real situations but through a social media channel. `

We are ecstatic to have Good Works on board to lead our team of enthusiastic sponsors in support of Be Good Be Social Toronto. Good Works’ passion for philanthropy is infectious and we look forward to welcoming our delegates on October 27th and giving you a chance to meet the Good Works team.


– Frankie Chow for Be Good Be Social Toronto



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