Checking in with Shelter Scotland

A special guest blog post from Be Good Be Social Edinburgh speaker Conrad Rossouw, Digital Manager, Shelter Scotland.

Check in and check out our shops – Shelter Scotland and Foursquare

Shelter Scotland wanted to ensure Foursquare users are actively exploring and talking about our stores and the charity’s work online. We realised that this was something that a few people are doing through Foursquare already, even without our input and we wanted to officially become actively involved in incentivising out visitors to check-in, share their experiences, grab a bargain and explore our stores around Edinburgh – and soon the UK

So what on earth is Foursquare?

Foursquare is an online tool to help people go out and explore the city around them and share their experiences with their friends online. With each of our charity stores being unique, we wanted to tap into this and to get intrepid users to go on an adventure and discover each of our stores around the city and the hidden gems within.

Why are we taking this approach?shelter foursquare screenshot

Shelter Scotland wants to be the leading Scottish Charity to use social technologies to support the organisation’s campaign work and income generation. Therefore, although geo-location tools are still developing and have not yet reached a tipping-point into mass adoption, they have matured and are ripe for exploration. Being amongst the first to use the tools will mean that we attract added attention and are well versed in their application as the tools mature further and gain greater adoption. I’ll be chatting about our digital work, Foursquare and specifically why we chose this platform over other geo location networks, what we’ve learnt so far and, most importantly how you too can get your charity on the network. I’ll then run a workshop to show you how to use the tools, what you need to set up your brand page and how you can reach people with tips when they’re in the vicinity of your location. I’ll then attempt to give you an idea of how you can use Foursquare for your own non profit using ideas from the crowd and piping in with my own ideas. Think of it as a quick, crowed sourced, consultation session!

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