8 Free Image Sites to Boost your Content


We’ve all done it. At the end of a busy week, your to-do list hasn’t got much shorter and you STILL need to some finishing touches to that Facebook post… Fast forward to Monday and you look realise your well-written blog on social inclusion is accompanied by a pants pic of some plastic-looking, underfed models. Oops.

The images we use for our marketing matter. Humans connect with emotion, so you need to think through your imagery and make the most of this trait. I hate those over-stylised, super-fake looking pictures you find on most free image stock sites. It’s not just the design element that can get you in hot water with your audience. Here’s why you shouldn’t just cut and paste from your search engine:

Avoid legal problems
Connect and engage with your audience
Illustrate your pieces
Increase the likelihood of social sharing

FreeImages.com – High quality free images with an option for a premium account. There’s a huge degree of choice, with a wide variety of cartoon and photography categories.

Creative Commons – Licenses image, video, music and more in a variety of ways. It’s a portal to other sites like Flickr and clearly explains how you should and shouldn’t use each image. It can be a bit clunky to use though, the other sources in this list use the Creative Commons license.

Jay Mantri – Stunning photos shared by graphic designer and photographer Jay Mantri. He shoots with an eye for design, intending his shots to be used for design projects.

Negative Space – All images are CCo licensed, with no copyright restrictions. New images are added weekly so you should go back for a fresh look every couple months.

Epicantus – Daria Nepriakhina shares CCo high resolution images on her tumblr. These are perfect for landing pages, blog posts, or designs.

Cupcake – Photographer Jonas Nilsson Lee offers free images to the public domain with Creative Commons licensing.

Stock Up – Does most of the hard work for you as it searches about 30 websites for free stock photos. Their stock is 5x larger than most other free image sites.

Life of Pix – All pictures are free to use, under a mention CCo license. Leeroy advertising agency and its photographers provide these high resolution images.

In sum, Creative Commons will let you search through its main site, and will have more of a range of images available than most other image stocks. There’s a broader representation of different ethnicities and realistic scenes of people with disabilities than the others too.

Tip: If doubt of the image licensing, don’t use it. And it’s good practice to check the licensing of any images used for key projects.

By Carrie Webb, content creator and researcher for Be Good Be Social. Get in touch with any questions or more tips for decent image sites. @CarrieJWebb | Cazzatrazza

Inspired by Forbes Tech.

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