5 Charities Winning At Instagram

With 400 million users, Instagram is a behemoth. More adults use this platform than Twitter, so it’s time to pay it some mind.

Personally speaking, Instagram is my favourite social media channel. I love seeing the way people express themselves through their photography – professionals and non-professionals alike. I will admit to occasionally falling into that deep, dark tunnel of caring about the *number of likes* (my most is about 30 if you’re wondering), but mostly I really do just enjoying this kind of connectivity.

For your charity, Instagram might be the channel for you to invest some time in. If you have the visuals, Instagram is the best opportunity for you to share your non-profit’s impact. You can showcase different aspects of your organisation: upskilling young people; working with service users; preserving local wildlife – whatever. Before you get started, we always advise that charities think carefully about how to use Instagram. It’s a good idea with any budding social media platform to at least set-up an account or page to ensure someone else more nefarious doesn’t purloin your charity’s name.

1 Young Scot

Young Scot Instagram

Stream Events Live

@youngscot uses Instagram in a number of ways. Check out this Guardian article for more information. They’re great at posting diverse and engaging images with emoticons EVERYWHERE a la Snapchat. Recently, young people met First Minister Nicola Sturgeon at Edinburgh’s Corn Exchange. This #asktheFM saw young people engaging ins politics and governance, with highlights shared on Instagram.

Tip: Arrange a hashtag ahead of time and share with delegates

2 National Trust

User Generated Content

@nationaltrust hosts the #NTChallenge weekly, inviting Instagrammers to share their images for the golden opportunity of being reshared by the charity. It’s a big draw for users who can expect to gain at least a few hundred extra followers on a good week. This content is fresh, genuine and engaging.

Tip: Try harnessing content that’s already being shared.

National Trust Instagram

3 Charity:Water

Get Personal

@scottharrison, CEO of Charity:Water has about 17k followers, in part due to his position, but also because he shares selected intimacies of his family life. His posts are more akin to celebrity-type accounts and generates a following more accustomed to this sort of account. It’s opened Charity:Water to a completely different audience.

Tip: You may not have a CEO with young kids, or someone as happy to share their personal life on the internet. There are other ways to get personal – sharing office life gets a bit boring, so if you’re trying the personal touch it varied.

Scott Harrison Instagram

4 WaterAid

Create and Share Video

The beauty of a 15 second video is that it’s best when rough and ready. (Though Instagram has lengthened the duration to 1 minute max). They’re free to post like the rest of the content and can be as natural as you want it. Videos can capture what pictures might miss out on.

@Wateraid gained 20,000 more followers when Instagram spotted one of their videos and featured the account as a suggested user. They’re also great at making the most of captioning; amplifying the message. A picture or video sits best in context.

Tip: Ask your followers to create video, or incorporate their clips with yours

Water Aid Instagram

5 Dogs Trust

When in doubt, go for the giggle

At our training conference in March we had not one, but two, delegates from animal charities. And man were we jealous. The internet is made for sharing animal pictures (don’t quote me on that). @dogstrust blends meme-type pictures with popular hashtags to widen their audience and entertain.

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 17.06.38

Oh Aye. Remember to measure your impact.

SumAll has a free package that analyses multiple social media platforms to provide you with statistics showing how they are working individually and also as integrated networks. Useful, accessible and straight forward..

Hootsuite allows you to schedule and monitor Instagram activity, as well as manage multiple accounts.

Any thoughts? What are you excited about trying out? Tweet us @begoodbesocial

Words by Carrie – @CarrieJWebb – Instagram @cazzatrazza

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