10 Speedy Ways to Increase your Following

Numbers aren’t everything. Where the Third Sector is concerned we want quality, not quantity. Still, we need to get connected with people, and there are some pretty straight forward steps we can take to do that. These top ten ways to increase the following for your charity are easy to do and highly effective. Share more ideas in the comments or on Twitter @BeGoodBeSocial.

Twitter Followers

Post great content
People won’t read low-quality content. Shape your posts to what your audience will read, and what your organisation is concerned with. A remember to use appropriate visuals. Check out our blog on top free image sites to boost your content.

Write a professional bio
This will vary from platform to platform. But the basics are to avoid too many buzzwords, to focus on who your organisation is, rather than giving a potted history and to revisit it every few months.

Social Media Bio Best Practice

Use hashtags
On the appropriate platform, in the generally accepted manner. For example, on Twitter you can tag during a sentence due to character limits, whereas this isn’t the done thing on Facebook.

Place widgets on your blog
A widget is a tool or content you add to your site or blog’s sidebar- you can easily customise the sidebar using them. Don’t overdo the widgets. Select one or two. For example, one that shows the latest Instagram or Twitter post, nothing too fancy as people find it hard to concentrate when there’s a lot of visuals going on in a small space.

Engage with others
Get involved in discussions, like stuff, interact with your followers. The more interesting your organisation is, the more they’ll pay attention.

Make sure your content is shareable
Ie. Content people will want to share. Try a decent meme, a quality infographic, embed some video

Reshare other people’s content
With permission. Obvs. Good content curation can also increase your following. Make your Twitter account the place to go for info on X. For example @thirdsectorlab is kept up to date on the latest and greatest in Scotland’s Charity comms world. Though Ross is known to post pictures of his bike. Just for variety he claims.

Third Sector Lab Twitter

Reach out to influencers
These are people who have a wide following and ability to, yes, influence their sphere. They could direct people to new ideas, inspire them to read, or take part in a challenge or fundraiser.

Stay active
Use Hootsuite or another content planning tool to set up and release posts. If you struggle to find Twitter time, use your coffee break or commute to some interacting. Or factor in 15 minutes a day to do some posting or social media networking if you’ve got a small team.

Follow other users
It’s pretty simple, but the more people you follow on these platforms, the more exposure you get.

So, what have you done to increase your following? Anything else to add? Leave a comment or send us a tweet @begoodbesocial

Words by Carrie. Twitter @CarrieJWebb Instagram @Cazzatrazza

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