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Guest blog post from Hugh Wallace, Head of Digital at National Museums Scotland. Hugh will be speaking at #BeGoodBeSocial Glasgow this Summer – we’ll have ticket info out soon folks.

It’s now slightly strange to consider a time when social media wasn’t part of the day-to-day. At National Museums Scotland, where I head up the Digital Media department, it’s become an integral part of how we communicate with our audiences and how they communicate with us. We’ve built up a decent sized user-base, particularly on Facebook and Twitter, and we’re getting better at pushing out the sort of stuff that generates interest and provokes a response.

So that’s all good, right?

Well… I think one of the increasingly difficult judgement calls organisations have to make is around where they can add, and gain, value on the social networks they inhabit. The platforms people use, and the way in which they use them, are changing and what may once have seemed like an ‘easy win’ can start to feel old hat very quickly. Striking a balance around tone of voice, volume of content and return on investment can be tricky and takes time to get right.

Whilst I don’t pretend to have all the answers, what I will talk about at the upcoming #BeGoodBeSocial is how we’ve generated an audience, what’s worked for us in terms of sustaining that audience, why having a strategic approach pays off, where mobile has started to play an important role and what I think we need to get better at. If that all sounds a bit dry I’ll also be mentioning dinosaurs, tea towels, space hoppers and Game of Thrones, and I may even explode the odd myth or two – so hopefully there’ll be something to whet everyone’s appetites.

Be Good Be Social will be streamed LIVE from the Scottish Parliament between 6.30pm – 9.00pm GMT on Thursday 20th December 2012.

You can join in the discussion via Twitter using the #BeGoodBeSocial hashtag. Hope you can join us!

6pm Networking drinks and food
6.30pm Intro to Be Good Be Social from Ross McCulloch
6.40pm Anne Connor, Mind Waves
7.10pm John Haydon, The Nonprofit Facebook Guy – Live Video Discussion
8pm Break
8.20pm David McGillivray & Jennifer M Jones, #CitizenRelay
8.50pm Q&A panel featuring all speakers
9pm Close and then off to the pub

From 9.30am on Thursday 22nd November 2012 we’ll be live streaming Social Media for Social Good Glasgow in full. Simply click the ‘live’ button at the top of our website or go straight to the livestream player.

Remember to join in with all the chat on the night via our hashtag: #begoodbesocial