It’s more than just clicktivism

Heya, I’m Sara Thomas, and I’m a fundraiser at MND Scotland. We provide care and information for people affected by Motor Neurone Disease in Scotland, and also fund research into the disease. What I’m looking forward to most about the BeGoodBeSocial event on the 27th, in all honesty, is meeting everyone. I’m looking forward to the conversations about the challenges you face when you’re a few steps down the line, and to getting inspiration... Read More

I’m a social (media) animal

Since an early age I felt that I had to choose a path which made a difference, in recent years I came to realise that this had to centre on helping people realise that animals must be treated with greater respect. They feel emotion just like us. I will never forget the feeling I had when I saw the advert for a “Movement Builder” at OneKind in New Media Age a few months back. It was just like those moments in movies when the heavens open up and... Read More