Checking in with Shelter Scotland

A special guest blog post from Be Good Be Social Edinburgh speaker Conrad Rossouw, Digital Manager, Shelter Scotland. Check in and check out our shops – Shelter Scotland and Foursquare Shelter Scotland wanted to ensure Foursquare users are actively exploring and talking about our stores and the charity’s work online. We realised that this was something that a few people are doing through Foursquare already, even without our input and we wanted... Read More

#BeGoodBeSocial Edinburgh Thu Nov 3rd 6-9pm

It’s been an exciting time for Be Good Be Social lately – we ran an official Social Media Week surgery in Glasgow , we’re having an event in Toronto and there’s plans afoot for events in Amsterdam and the North of England. We’re also back in the birthplace of Be Good Be Social this November – Edinburgh. The venue for our event on Thu Nov 3rd 6-9pm is the wonderful Informatics Forum at The University of Edinburgh.... Read More

Be Good Be Social Toronto is coming…

A special guest blog post from Clare McDowall, lead organiser of Be Good Be Social Toronto. I first got involved with Be Go Be Social back in the summer of 2010 when I was working at Oxfam in Scotland.  I knew Ross McCulloch on Twitter and through Third Sector Lab, and working with his wife Rosie.  When Ross asked me to help with planning the first event in Edinburgh in October 2010 I was delighted to help.  Unfortunately Oxfam had other plans... Read More

getting all QReative at #begoodbesocial

This will be my first #BeGoodBeSocial and I must say I’m pretty excited. Not least because I get to be involved! I am a relative newcomer to the third sector with a business background and it’s been fantastic to see the social media and marketing teams that work in the third sector delivering huge results often with only a tiny budget. As a sector we have a huge need for engagement and a real relationship with our customers. We’re not in it... Read More

Helping your staff to be good and be social

Marc Bowker, Quarriers Communications Officer, will join us at Be Good Be Social April 2011 for a discussion on engaging your internal audience, giving them a voice with social media. Quarriers is a large Scottish charity and is possibly one of the most diverse organisations around in terms of the different types of support we offer people. For over two years I’ve been blogging, tweeting and sharing on Facebook news from across the organisation,... Read More

my thoughts on the first #begoodbesocial

Who thought being good and being social would be so tiring. I’m knackered after Wednesday night but also incredibly excited about what #BeGoodBeSocial can become. I had feared that having 50 people at the first event would mean it would become just another social media event  – pack ’em in, lecture to them and send them home. Instead, and these are Stuart Glen’s words not mine, ‘this felt different’. While we still... Read More

should charities really be using social media?

In every social media workshop I’ve ever attended, there’s been a familiar raft of voices, claiming that, while social media sounds like a fine idea, it’s really not suitable for us. I’ve heard charities say it could only work for businesses, small organisations argue it’s better for larger ones, informal groups claim it’s for those which are more well-structured. And for every it’s-fine-for-them-but-wouldn’t-work-for-us I’ve heard... Read More

all power to you

  I’m pretty chuffed to be honest. I’ll be doing a turn at the Institute of Fundraising conference on Tuesday 26th October. On hearing about BeGoodBeSocial, it seemed silly not to head over to Edinburgh to join in with what should be a cracking evening at The Melting Pot on Wednesday. With this in mind, Ross invited me to share something about the session he and Stuart have asked me to facilitate next week. So, I’m having... Read More