Social Media for Social Good – watch the livestream

From 9.30am GMT on Thursday 26th April 2012 we’ll be live streaming Social Media for Social Good – Scotland’s first third sector social media conference. Simply click the ‘live’ button at the top of our website or go straight to the livestream player. Remember to join in with all the chat on the day via our hashtag: #begoodbesocial Here’s the talks and workshops we’ll be streaming: 9.30am – 9.45am Speaker: Ross... Read More

my thoughts on the first #begoodbesocial

Who thought being good and being social would be so tiring. I’m knackered after Wednesday night but also incredibly excited about what #BeGoodBeSocial can become. I had feared that having 50 people at the first event would mean it would become just another social media eventĀ  – pack ’em in, lecture to them and send them home. Instead, and these are Stuart Glen’s words not mine, ‘this felt different’. While we still... Read More

didn’t get a ticket? don’t worry…

If you’ve been following #BeGoodBeSocial on twitter you’ll know that the tickets sold out pretty fast, we could probably have filled The Melting Pot twice over. The demand took me by surprise and I feel bad constantly having to tell people there’s no tickets left. Well for those of you who weren’t lucky enough to grab a ticket you can watch the live video stream of the event and join in the conversation via Read More