Looking to the future

It feels like yesterday that I sat down with Ross to discuss speaking at the very first Be Good Be Social, now as we approach (only) the second event it truly feels like it has been a mainstay of the calendar for a long time. I reckon that has much to do with the people involved. All the individuals involved do good things every single day, but it helps that we have such a talented bunch of good people moving forward together. I truly believe that... Read More

presentations, photos and the livestream available now

Below are all the presentations for the first ever Be Good Be Social – they’re also available on the event’s Slideshare page. You can also watch the video of the livestream online now too – there were some PC to Mac difficulties and, on a less technical note, my arse also got in the way of the shot. We also have images from Be Good Be Social up on Flickr too thanks to Julie Broadfoot. Once I get my breath back I’ll add... Read More

I’m a social (media) animal

Since an early age I felt that I had to choose a path which made a difference, in recent years I came to realise that this had to centre on helping people realise that animals must be treated with greater respect. They feel emotion just like us. I will never forget the feeling I had when I saw the advert for a “Movement Builder” at OneKind in New Media Age a few months back. It was just like those moments in movies when the heavens open up and... Read More