Helping your staff to be good and be social

Marc Bowker, Quarriers Communications Officer, will join us at Be Good Be Social April 2011 for a discussion on engaging your internal audience, giving them a voice with social media. Quarriers is a large Scottish charity and is possibly one of the most diverse organisations around in terms of the different types of support we offer people. For over two years I’ve been blogging, tweeting and sharing on Facebook news from across the organisation,... Read More

he’s really tall and he really likes social media

I’ve just been asked to write about myself and what excites me about Be Good Be Social. Hmmm…well I’m very tall for a start! I’m responsible for putting the charity Quarriers on the social media map, establishing their presence on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Bebo and more recently Flickr. Oh and did I forget to mention the blog?! Be Good Be Social is quite simply a great idea and I hope it will be repeated in the future. Together, we have... Read More