presentations, photos and the livestream available now

Below are all the presentations for the first ever Be Good Be Social – they’re also available on the event’s Slideshare page. You can also watch the video of the livestream online now too – there were some PC to Mac difficulties and, on a less technical note, my arse also got in the way of the shot. We also have images from Be Good Be Social up on Flickr too thanks to Julie Broadfoot. Once I get my breath back I’ll add... Read More

People, design and practical action

Since I’m hosting a workshop at Be Good Be Social looking at how we’ve embraced social media at MyPolice, I thought I’d give an insight in to the organisation I founded with Sarah Drummond last year. MyPolice does three things: firstly, it is a neutral space where people can find out more about who their police are, and what they do. Secondly, it allows people to send feedback about their experiences with the police, which we... Read More