Case Study Interviews 101

Great interviews and case studies bring your stories to life. But how do you get the best studies out there? Where do you begin? How do you get the best, juiciest bits from people, whilst respecting their privacy? Rosie and I share some insights from our experiences of interviewing for Third Sector case studies. Rosie’s been working in Third Sector Communications for the past 10 years, with varied roles including Head of Communications for... Read More

my thoughts on the first #begoodbesocial

Who thought being good and being social would be so tiring. I’m knackered after Wednesday night but also incredibly excited about what #BeGoodBeSocial can become. I had feared that having 50 people at the first event would mean it would become just another social media event  – pack ’em in, lecture to them and send them home. Instead, and these are Stuart Glen’s words not mine, ‘this felt different’. While we still... Read More

It’s more than just clicktivism

Heya, I’m Sara Thomas, and I’m a fundraiser at MND Scotland. We provide care and information for people affected by Motor Neurone Disease in Scotland, and also fund research into the disease. What I’m looking forward to most about the BeGoodBeSocial event on the 27th, in all honesty, is meeting everyone. I’m looking forward to the conversations about the challenges you face when you’re a few steps down the line, and to getting inspiration... Read More