he’s really tall and he really likes social media

I’ve just been asked to write about myself and what excites me about Be Good Be Social. Hmmm…well I’m very tall for a start! I’m responsible for putting the charity Quarriers on the social media map, establishing their presence on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Bebo and more recently Flickr. Oh and did I forget to mention the blog?! Be Good Be Social is quite simply a great idea and I hope it will be repeated in the future. Together, we have... Read More

john’s excited…are you?

Social media is already a significant part of the communications mix for many organisations, and that’s no different for organisations like the Big Lottery Fund. While traditional web content acts like a megaphone, broadcasting information to those outside the organisation, social media channels like Twitter and Facebook gives funders an opportunity to interact with our customers, stakeholders and the public in a meaningful way. We can now listen... Read More

should charities really be using social media?

In every social media workshop I’ve ever attended, there’s been a familiar raft of voices, claiming that, while social media sounds like a fine idea, it’s really not suitable for us. I’ve heard charities say it could only work for businesses, small organisations argue it’s better for larger ones, informal groups claim it’s for those which are more well-structured. And for every it’s-fine-for-them-but-wouldn’t-work-for-us I’ve heard... Read More

all power to you

  I’m pretty chuffed to be honest. I’ll be doing a turn at the Institute of Fundraising conference on Tuesday 26th October. On hearing about BeGoodBeSocial, it seemed silly not to head over to Edinburgh to join in with what should be a cracking evening at The Melting Pot on Wednesday. With this in mind, Ross invited me to share something about the session he and Stuart have asked me to facilitate next week. So, I’m having... Read More